Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Off to the border between Tusheti and Dagestan

After three days of partying in Shenako it was time to get down to the business of travelling around Tusheti.

Our first trip was simple; follow the road to Diklo, and then on to the Dagestan border which is only an hour of two ride from Shenako, and then once there just take in the view. What we hadn't reckoned on were the boarder guards, who would later star in the center pages of the Sun newspaper on our return when the war broke out with Russia.

This meadow, like so many is magical . Full of wild flowers looking down over Diklo. I didn't tell India this was the village where the head man had asked if India would marry his son.

Elene rode on the back of Irma's horse. I was just happy to be surrounded by a harem of wonderful women.

This picture is the one that we later gave to the Sun newspaper in Tbilisi. As luck would have it Irma (our guide and great friend) was either related or went to school with one of the soldiers. A little bit of charm can go a long way and the guys agreed to have their picture taken. Well why not, it brightened up their day. Not something I'm a great fan of but this was a golden opportunity for Iona to pose with men in uniform.

What we didn't realise was there were only around 250 English people in Georgia when the troubles began and very few English families, hence the UK press thought is was a big deal for us to be having fun at the border. More of this later.

As you can imagine this image only really became important on our return to the UK. The Georgian flag flying high on it's boarder with Dagestan (Russia) .

This image was a fair way off and no thanks to my shaking hand. I got it after the sixth attempt.

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