Thursday, 4 September 2008

Traveling from Gogrulta to Khakhabo and then onto Upper Omalo

After a wonderful two days in Gogrulta it was time to wend our way back to Upper Omalo via a relaxing  night in Khakhabo. I can vividly remember riding over the brow of the hill and looking down over Omalo and its surrounding villages and thinking 'golly we are back in the twenty first century and civilisation'. The irony is Tusheti could never be described as part of the twenty first century with neither electricity or running water. Running Chacha, general revelry and a love for life for sure. That's the way of life in Tusheti.

The following images are a random selection which I trust will paint discreet picture of the last leg of our journey before further adventures beset the Wills family as we left Georgia. Sadly we don't have many from Khakhabo, largely because our camera batteries were running low by this time.

The farm yard just by our home stay. The light was amazing  on this evening, casting a glorious red glow over everything.

Notice the morning mist behind me. Some mornings the whole valley  would be shrouded in  this soft and all consuming mist, casting a damp and cool glaze over everything in its path.

India looking out from our room.

If you have ever traveled the simple way in  the Georgian countryside you will be familiar  with  this type of scene. The wash room.

A vegetable store. You can find these all over Tusheti

Mari talking to Iona. 

The last picture from Khakhabo. I like the way the outside light gently illuminates our bedroom and the wonderful old wardrobe

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