Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Traveling to Tusheti

Our Journey to Tusheti was about to begin and I hope the following images help to paint a clear picture of this magnificent region in Georgia. I’ve attempted to illustrate the key stages of our adventures during the summer of 2008 and annotated many of the pictures to help place our journey into context and of course help explain what was happening at the time.

'This account documents the two weeks my family and I spent riding along hair raising trails, fording snow melt rivers, climbing mountain passes and generally living the life of adventures from another age. In 2007 we had only touched the surface of this magnificent land. Charged with enthusiasm we fancied another taste of somewhere very special. What we hadn’t reckoned on was how rich that flavour of Tusheti  and Georgia was going to be.

I write this passage in 2015 from my notes. Tusheti has grown up and changed as has the rest of the world. You will still find wonder but a few creature comforts have now arrived.

I’ve re-edited the introduction stages and taken out a great deal of the original copy. Back in the day when travel Blogs were new I just wrote what I thought. Now we have a level of expectation so when you read this account think back when the web was new and travel blogs were a rarity. This one was.  

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