Saturday, 6 September 2008

From Verkhovani to Gogrulta

Breakfast is always a welcome feast especially at Patti's.

On the road from Verkhovani there is this priceless bridge over the river leading to a village across the valley. Not my idea of fun.

After making our way back up the valley towards Omalo we turned off towards Ilyulta (I hope this is correct). Although this is small village it's important since Ilyulta is the only other village apart from Shenako that has a village church. Pasma has what they might call a church but it is more of a large shrine.

The Wills family in a rather forgotten and sorry looking church. With the new awakening to the Georgian church I expect it will be rejuvenated with the fullness of time.

One of Goggi's friends caught up with us to say bye. I just thought the mixture of typical street jeans and trainers next to a traditional saddle and a fit horse was the best.

Iona taking it easy by a waterfall.

We met a couple of wood cutters on our way to Gogulta working with axe and handsaw. No chainsaws here.

Gogrulta, a small hamlet with no direct road to it, only very precarious and steep paths. You can get there from the main valley track from Omolo but the climb is very hard indeed. We saw this village from a distance last year and wanted to make a visit. Our host Lilly and her husband have made an excellent guest house and I think it is fair to say that Gogrulta is one of the most magical places in Tusheti and for us a two day stay.

Perched on top of the world.

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